Free Halloween Printables

Are you looking for original and free Halloween printables? You've arrived just to the right place. All the scary Halloween images here are unique and easy to use. Just enlarge them and feel free to print them out. You can use the free Halloween printables as templates for cards and invitations or even as Halloween decorations for your next All Hallows' Eve party. Use your imagination and be creative!


Origin of Halloween

Let me give you some information about the origin of Halloween. All Hallows' Eve on October 31 was celebrated originally by the Celts. It was the feast of their Sun God called Samhain, who was imprisoned by the darkness on this particular day. That means the end of the light and warm season and the beginning of the cold, dark and wet winter time. At the same night all the souls who died the previous year wandered from earth into the kingdom of death. Therefore on the night of 31st October the gap between the dead and alive is the most narrow and permeable. In order to protect people, being possessed by the wandering spirits, the Celtic priests used different methods to keep away the bodiless souls: they made big fires, burned a stake, took on various scary masks, frightening costumes etc. Many of the old traditions survived and you can find lot of them in modern days Halloween partys.

Halloween Printables

So, now take a look at my lovely and scary image collection. They are only a tiny bit creepy.

Halloween printables

Enlarge the halloween printables

halloween spider

Enlarge this spider

halloween printables

Enlarge this spider web

halloween witch

Enlarge the halloween witch

halloween printables

Enlarge the death angel

halloween monster

Enlarge the monster

halloween skeletons

Enlarge the halloween skeletons

halloween ghosts

Enlarge the halloween ghosts

skull and cross bones

Enlarge the skull and cross bones

halloween pumpkin

Enlarge this pumpkin

halloween printables

Enlarge the frog

halloween printables

Enlarge this scary halloween printable

Hope you could find your favourite Halloween printables and images among my Halloween pictures collection above. If not, take a look at my free printable scary Halloween masks graphics!

Source: Devecsery Laszlo-Kiraly Eszter: Unnepi mintakonyv, Typotex 2005, Budapest

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