Printable Scary Halloween Masks

Are you looking for unique and printable free scary Halloween masks? You have arrived really to the right place. All the scary Halloween masks here are totally original and easy to use. Just click to enlarge the Halloween images and feel free to print them out. You can also cut out and color them making the masks more creepy. Just use the free scary Halloween masks for your next Halloween party. You can also use them as templates for Halloween invitations or cards or any other arts and crafts. Just imagine!


Halloween Story about Jack O'Lantern

According to an old Irish folktale a lazy man called Stingy Jack managed to trick the devil twice when he was coming for his soul. First time Jack invited the devil into a pub for a drink but did not have any money on him. He asked the devil to turn himself into a coin that he could pay with. However after doing so Jack put the coin in his pocket next to a little cross which made the devil powerless and prevented him from transforming back in his original form. He let the devil free only after promising that he would never take Jack's soul. The second time they met, Jack asked the devil to climb an apple tree and as he reached the top Jack carved swiftly a cross into the bark of the trunk. The sign of the cross made it impossible for the devil to come down. When Stingy Jack finally died he was banned from entering neither heaven nor hell. He had no where to go. The devil gave him a small piece of ember from the fires of hell which could light his path. Jack placed the coal into a carved out pumpkin and began his endless wander for a resting place.


Printable Scary Halloween Masks

So, now take a look at my free printable scary Halloween masks collection. They are only a small bit creepy but most original.

scary halloween masks

Enlarge the scary halloween masks

homemade halloween masks

Enlarge this homemade halloween mask

devil halloween masks

Enlarge this halloween devil mask

halloween animal masks

Enlarge the halloween animal masks

easy halloween masks

Enlarge the easy halloween masks

creepy halloween masks

Enlarge the creepy halloween masks


Hope you could find your favourite Halloween masks and Halloween images among my Halloween masks and pictures collection above. If not, take a look at my free Halloween printables!

Source: Devecsery Laszlo-Kiraly Eszter: Unnepi mintakonyv, Typotex 2005, Budapest


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