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Free Printable Egyptian Symbol Egyptian Motifs

Take a look at my free and printable egyptian symbol and motif collection. Find an excellent free and printable egyptian patterns and egyptian motifs for any kind of kid crafts.

Continue reading "Free Printable Egyptian Symbol Egyptian Motifs"

Free Celtic Letters of the Alphabet

Find here unique and individually designed celtic letters of the alphabet and all the 26 celtic fonts as free printable patterns

Continue reading "Free Celtic Letters of the Alphabet"

Valentine's Day Candy Cellophane Treat Bags

This is one of the crafts I created for Spangler Candy. You are more than welcome to use it. It's super easy and fun for kids and adults. What You'll

Continue reading "Valentine's Day Candy Cellophane Treat Bags"

Crafting Magazine Valentine Day

Ideas for Valentine Day...

Continue reading "Crafting Magazine Valentine Day"

Paper Submarine

Step 1. Use a square piece of paper 10 (25.4cm) wide or less. Fold it in half, corner to the other. Step 2. Fold the bottom edge of the paper. Make one

Continue reading "Paper Submarine"

Wooly sheep

You will need: 1. Snips of wool 2. Glue 3. Paper 4. Coloured pencils or pens 1. First, draw a sheep on the paper. 2. Next, stick the wool on the sheep's

Continue reading "Wooly sheep"

Pistachio shell boats

You need: 1. Pistachio shell 2. Toothpick 3. Wooden craft stick 1. Cut a small rectangle from the craft stick. 2. Stick it on the curved side of the pistachio

Continue reading "Pistachio shell boats"

"Cute Crane"

1.Begin with white side up.Fold in half and unfold.Repeat to form crisscross valley fold.Turn over.Fold and unfold twice diagonally. 2.Press down

Continue reading ""Cute Crane""


1. Fold the sheet of white felt in half so that you have a 9x6 rectangle. 2. With a pencil and a ruler, draw a 1/4 in from the edge all the way around

Continue reading "iPet"

Easy Paper Box

Materials: -Paper (printer works best) 1. Fold in half the long way “hot dog style” 2. Fold in half the “hamburger” way (short) 3. Fold the sides

Continue reading "Easy Paper Box"

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