Free Printable Chinese Symbol Selection

Here is my FREE and printable Chinese symbol collection. So if you're looking for Chinese patterns, then you've arrived to the best place! These Chinese symbols are also extremely beautiful and I'm sure you'll like them!

The ones with not too many contour lines are excellent patterns for windowcolor, but the others (for example, the third one) are way too complicated, so I don't recommend those.

chinese dragon chinese tortoise chinese symbol
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chinese symbol chinese symbol chinese motif
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Hope you could find your favorites from my Chinese symbols above.

Halzer, Györgyi: Diszitomuveszeti Mintakonyv 3., valogatas a csaszari Kina és Japan diszito motivumaibol, KOMAROMY Publishing, Budapest 2006

Vass, Agi: Feng Shui Ablakkepek, Mandala Art Kiado, Budapest 2002

Here is my free collection of different patterns, motifs and symbols:

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