Making Mosaic

Welcome to my Making Mosaic page! I tried to gather the simplest mosaic ideas here so everyone can make, even little kids withouth help from grownups.

mosaic patternFortunately, you don't need any special accessories, just small pieces of any material. (For example: pebbles, leaves, shells, etc.)

The history of the making mosaic is very long and noble. It both linked to decoration and function.

In Ancient Greece the first pavements were made by assembling pebbles. The Romans continued this craft, developing and refining the techniques by using naturally colored marble and stone.

During the Renaissance making mosaics declined, because oil paintings and frescos became very popular.

mosaic patternPebble is one of the thousands of material that you can use in mosaic work.

Mosaic materials:

mosaic pictureMosaic making can be very-very complicated, but also can be very simple. For example, if you put some leaves beside each other and it forms a picture, that's a very simple mosaic. I don't deal with the complicated mosaic that much, because they're not for kids. However, there's a 'complicated mosaic' idea, the number plaque.

Mosaic ideas with step-by-step guidelines:

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