windowcolor pictureWhat is windowcolor (Malvorlagen, Fensterbilder)? It is an excellent method to decorate every smooth surface. For example: windows, mirrors, tiles, glasses, metals and anything else.

The windows have the advantage that the sun shines through the pictures, and then the colors come to life.

First, I'll explain the basics of windowcolor. If you want to skip this section, then go to windowcolor tips!windowcolor mandala

Now back to making windowcolor motifs. Here are what you need:

My favourite paints are the Marabu fun and fancy because of their excellent Windowcolor flower on tilesquality. Another good option is Creall, because of its gorgeous colors.

The contour (outliner) and the actual paint are different. The paint is transparent, but the contour isn't.

So now, you know (and hopefully have) the equipment for windowcolor. Now, you probably want to make something after such a long 'chat'.

When you have everything, (contour, paint, transparent film and a pattern) then you may start:

contouring finished contouring painting
Contouring The finished contour Coloring

finished picture peeling off the finished and dried picture applying the finished windowcolor picture
The finished flower. Peeling off the finished and dried picture. Applying the flower on a window.

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