Step by Step Origami Projects: The Cow

origami animal projectLearn how to make origami projects by simply following the clear, step by step origami instructions.
This origami cow is so lifelike you can almost hear the “moos”. That's why it is my favourite animal.

You will need to make this origami project:

Here are step by step origami instructions, just follow them and you will get your origami cow:

origami animal origami cow origami cow
Start with a square piece of paper and fold one edge over to the opposite. Unfold it and do exactly the same with the other two edges. Your paper should like above.
origami cow origami cow origami cow
Now start to collapse the pre-folded piece of paper as shown on the pictures.
origami cow origami cow origami cow
You should have a triangle like above. Fold the tip of the triangle down the centerline.The tip should cover about half of the folded length. Now unfold the balloon base and squash fold it as shown.
origami instructions origami projects origami projects
Your paper will look like above. To finish the cow's body, simply fold it in half.
origami animal's head origami animal origami instructions
To make the cow's head, use another square of paper. Fold it in half with the colored side (if any) on the outside. Next fold each half downwards, as shown on the photos.
origami instructions
Now, fold the end of the rectangle to look like above. Each outside layer of the folded rectangle is squash-folded backwards.
origami instructions origami instructions
Now reverse fold the nose of the cow as shown on the photos.
origami instructions
Fold the cow's ears forward.

Next, fold the neck downwards as shown.

origami instructions origami instructions
Then do a reverse fold, as shown in these photos.

step by step origami step by step origami
To make the neck of the origami animal fit into the body, reverse fold the bottom of the neck as shown. It can be very tricky to get the right amount of fold. If too little it won't fit into the body, if too much, the head will fall forward. Finally, glue the neck to the body as shown.
origami cow
Now your origami animal, the cow is done. You can decorate it with pens, markers or crayons.

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