Learn Stamping and Stenciling Ideas

Everybody knows what stamping is, or don't you?

It is the very easiest way to decorate a plain surface. You can use commercial or home-made stamps to cover notepaper or gift wrapping or anything else.

You can make your own home-made stamps from humble potato, rubber or plastic foam. (For example kitchen sponge.)stamping idea

Use a sharp knife or craft knife for the potato and the rubber, but mind your fingers when you're carving!!

What about the paint? I use a simple acrylic paint, which is suitable for every kind of surface.

To ink the stamp use a brush or a foam roller or a pad or dip the stamp in paint. 
stamping pictureBut be careful! Don't use too much paint, because your picture will be just a huge paint stain. However, if you use too little paint, then the picture will be too faint.
So, experiment how much paint will you need before you make the actual picture.

And one last thing: where to stamp. You have many possibilities: 

Do you know what is stenciling?

It's just the negative form or opposite of stamping. Learn more about it, by clicking here!

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