You'll find here a very brief description of the type of beads you'll use for making bead animals.

Seed Beads:

seed bead

These seed beads are the basic ones that we use for beading. They usually make up the body of an animal. Nowadays, you can buy them in whatever color, size and shape you want. I use quiet small (I don't know the exact size) and round seed beads.

beading Pony (Bigger) Beads: These are much bigger than the seed beads. Once I heard that it's called as 'pony bead'. I usually use them for eyes of an animal, but use them whenever you want to 'highlight' something.

beadBungle (Long)  Beads:

The size of the bungle beads is between the seed beads and the pony beads. I use them for wings, legs of an animals body. (for example: half of the the dragonfly's body is made up of long beads.)

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