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Bead Patterns for Everyone eBookLooking for a free bead pattern? You'll find here beaded animals in three subcategories: easy-medium-advanced, because it makes it easier to find the appropriate pattern for you.
The advanced animals are more complex and difficult, but of course they are much more lifelike than the simple ones. So, if you are a beginner definitely start with the easy bead animals.

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Bead animals


bead bee pattern bead bee on flower
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Note: Curl the wire ends around a toothpick to make the antennae. (It can't be seen in the pictures, but there's an antennae.)

free beading pattern bead animal
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free bead animal (spider) pattern free bead pattern
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free bead pattern free bead pattern
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free bead pattern free bead pattern
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bead penguin pattern bead penguin
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Bead Patterns for Everyone eBook

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