Willowstar - Easy Christmas Decoration

This willowstar is an ideal Christmas decoration, but it's looks nice just on a shelf or on a window ledge. This basketry willowstar is simple and easy to make. It is worth a try.

You will need:

  1. willow starPut 12 willow rods in a cold water bath for an hour and wrap them into the towel and set aside. Cut the dry willows into 35 pieces, each 26cm long. Then divide the 35 pieces into 5 piles with 7 sticks in each.

  2. willow starTake two piles and put one on the top of the other and hold them at 45 degree. Take a wet willow and bind the 2 piles together by sliding the tip end through both piles about 2cm from the top.

  3. willow starTurn the wet willow three times around the two piles and slide the thick butt end up through the bind. Use a bradawl to ease it through and pull tightly to make it secure.

  4. willow starUsing the scissor trim the ends of the willow carefully, so that the ends are even. Do not trim too near to the binding, because you can weaken it. Take a third pile and place over the other end of the second pile. Hold at 45-degree angle and bind the ends together and trim them as before.

  5. willow starTake a pile bundle, and place over the other end of the third pile - you should place across, over the first pile and under the second pile as shown in the picture. Bind and trim them as before. Bind the fifth pile to the ends of piles one and four, running over two and under three.

  6. willow starArrange the star to look even. Then bind each of the cross section - take a wet willow and slide the tip end through the cross section so that it holds. Bring the butt end up through the hole in the middle of the star and continue to turn three times. Slide the butt end through the bind and pull tightly. And finally, trim off all ends nearly.
    I hope you enjoyed the preparing of the willow star.

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