Soap Recipes: The Super Soap Making Book

The first step is usually the hardest – but not anymore, thanks to Sandy Simmons’ “

The Super Soap Making Book”. If you’ve always been curious about making home made soap and soap recipes, don’t start without this book, and you’ll avoid all the amateur mistakes I did when I was starting out.

It’s no secret that soap making is one of the trickiest craft to take on. You need to be meticulous with your measurements which change depending on the type of oils that you plan to use, which directly affect the quality and the properties of the soap you create. It’s fun, but without someone to guide you it’s easy to get lost and for mistakes and accidents to occur.

At least that was the case with me when I was starting out. I got instructions off the internet and tried to replicate it at home. Of course, a lot of the free information available on the internet aren’t that complete or reliable. And then along the way I got by with trial and error until I’ve reached this point where I can comfortably tweak soap recipes to produce soaps to my liking.

It really makes a big difference when you have somebody who’s already good at it looking over your shoulder. You really benefit from the experience that they have when they share with you the soap making secrets, soap recipes and techniques that have worked wonders for them. It would cut your learning curve by half at least! It’s definitely much more enjoyable when you’re doing it right and not always scouring around for a way to salvage a disastrous mix.

That is why I absolutely love Sandy Simmons’ super book. It’s perfect for the beginning soap maker because it guides you through the basics of soap making. From what to do to what to use to how to do it right. She even gives you the option to use materials that are commonly available at home, so you put off buying expensive materials until such time that you are more comfortable about the entire process.

But it doesn’t just stop there. The book also contains tons of soap recipes, ranging in difficulty from beginner to intermediate level, so you are always looking forward to the next soap project. And when you are sufficiently secure in your soap making skill, you can use the book’s saponification index table and start creating your own recipe or customizing the recipes here.

For the entrepreneur in you, the book also contains valuable information you need if you plan to turn your craft into an income source. Its discussion on how to set your pricing strategy, how to differentiate your soap products from existing ones on the market, innovative packaging ideas, as well as marketing ideas will really help you hit the ground running. So before you start making your first batch of soap, be sure to check out Sandy Simmons’ “The Super Soap Making Book” first. It’s the best first step you’ll ever make.

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