Pipe Cleaner Flowers for Mother's Day

The pipe cleaner flowers are ideal presents for mother's day, because young kids can easily make them by themselves.

Just follow the pictures below, bend the pipe cleaners to the appropriate shapes and notice how simple it is to create wonderful flowers using pipe cleaners.
If you get stuck, don't panic, just use your imagination to finish off the flower. Good luck!

TIP: Make a few more flowers, but using different colours! Yellow or red would be perfect. In this way, you can create a big colourful garden covered with flowers!

flower for mothers day flower for mothers day pipe cleaner flowers for mothers day
First, you'll make the stem of the flower. Follow the instructions as shown on the pictures.
pipe cleaner flowers for mothers day pipe cleaner flowers for mothers day pipe cleaner flowers
Next, make the petals. Twist both ends together at the end. Now attach the petal to the stem.
pipe cleaner flowers
Finally, glue a compressed paper ball in the middle of the flower.

Note: You can make the paper ball yourself using a simple soft white tissues or paper.

Don't use too much glue, because the pipe cleaners can easily stick together.

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