Paper Hat

by Peter M.

This is a VERY fast and easy way to make a miniature paper hat.
1. Get a 8.5 by 11 inch piece of paper (standard rectangle paper)
2. Fold one of the corners in to make a triangle so you have a long rectangle at the bottom of the sheet.
3. Cut that part of the paper off and unfold the paper for a square.
4. Fold it in half horizontally, unfold it and fold it in half vertically then unfold so you can see four squares in each corner.
5. Fold the bottom right corner into the center of the paper so you have a triangle.
6. Take the top half of the paper and fold it over in half.
7. Flip the paper over to see one square on the left and two triangles making a square on the right.
8. Fold the top right triangle into the slot made by the other triangle. Don't be mad when it doesn't fit all the way in, that is how it should be.
9. This is the tough part. On the left side fold the corner in and unfold it to have two triangles. Now take the top left triangle and fold it all the way over to fit in the slot on the right side. You should have one triangle with a fold down the middle.
10. Open it up a bit in the middle so there's a hole.
You now have a small hat that won't stay on your head but it looks cool.

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love it
by: dakot

hi I love it

by: Joseph

My kids absolutely LOVE me making these hats for them. They put them on the animals, the pretend they're pirate hats and they enjoy coloring them. Thank you for your contribution.

Lovely Idea
by: Marcel

Thanks Peter for sharing this nice idea!

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