Origami Diagrams

origami dogLearn how to fold an origami dog! Just follow the origami diagrams below! This origami model is simple enough, so if you're a beginner you can start with this design!

You will need a simple paper adhesive and two square sheets of 6x6 cm brown paper. I used orange thoush, because I didn't have brown...
Let's start folding!

NOTE: when you have made both parts of the origami dog (the head and body) just glue them together using a simple adhesive.

First, make the body of the dog from a (6x6 cm) square sheet of paper. If you have, you brown colour for both the head and the body.
So first simply fold the sheet in half.
origami diagrams
Next fold upwards the bottom edge as shown. origami diagrams
And your body is already done! how to fold origami dog

Now make the head of the dog using a square sheet of paper (6x6 cm).
First, fold the square sheet in half.
how to fold origami dog
Next fold the two edges inwards as shown. origami designs
Now you can actually see the shape of the head. So next fold up both layers of paper from the bottom (2 layers). origami designs
Then fold the top layer down as shown (at the middle). origami models
The big arrow means that you have to lift the paper where it shows so that it'll cover the small, down folded bit. Look at the next photo to see how it has to look. origami
Now fold the top bit down. origami dog
And your origami dog is done!
If you want, you can draw a face of some sort using a crayon. (The picture at the top of this page shows what I drew).

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