Free Mothers Day Cards Ideas

Mothers day cards can be both incredibly simple and beautiful, the thing you shouldn't do is overcomplicating it. Got it? Don't overcomplicate it. Anyway, the cards below will give you a reasonable idea of how to make a nice and simple card for mothers day.

mothers day card mothers day cards flower simple mothers day card
Origami Mothers Day Cards Pressed Flower Cards Pipe Cleaner Card

Cards using Origami

mothers day cardRabbit among the Tulips

You'll need:
  1. Origami rabbit
  2. 4-6 origami tulips
  3. All purpose adhesive
  4. A4 sheet
All you actually have to do is to arrange the rabbit and the tulips on the A4 sheet (fold it in half first, so that you can write in the middle later on) and using the all purpose adhesive glue them on the paper.

mothers day card origamiBird with Roses

You'll need:
  1. Origami bird
  2. 3 origami roses with long leaves
  3. All purpose adhesive
  4. A4 sheet

Watching the video below for the instructions on how to make an origami rose. But first, make sure that you have:
Now watch the following video carefully for the instructions on how to make this origami rose.
NOTE: you'll need at least three roses and use different colours, if possible.

Step 1. Get your A4 paper and fold it in half. You'll be using only the front page.

Step 2. Make the bird and three roses with leaves and stems. Simply cut out 2 leaf shaped pieces of paper for each rose. The stem is just a long piece of green paper.

Step 3. Once you've made the bird and roses, put everything together and make the actual card. Simply arrange the roses in a bunch and using the all purpose adhesive, glue them on the sheet.

Step 4. Finally, fix the bird to the upper left corner of the sheet and you're done!

mothers day cardsCards using Pressed Flowers

You'll need:
  1. Many different pressed flowers (just collect a whole pile of flowers, neatly place them on a napkin, put the napkin in a thick book and lay some more big books on the first one just in case. Warning: make sure that the flowers are really neatly placed on he napkin, otherwise they'll be totally ruined.)
  2. All purpose adhesive
  3. A4 sheet

Simply arrange, and once you've found the right arrangement glue, the pressed flowers on the A4 sheet. (Make sure you've folded it in half first.)

mothers day card flowersYou have got infinite possibilities here, so use your imagination to make more cards. Be creative!

I've made another card using pressd flowers, but I arranged the flowers in a much more symmetrical order. Take a look!

Pipe Cleaner Card

Just to show you how simple a mothers day card can be, I created this super-plain card using a pipe cleaner flower.

I admit that the ones with the origami and pressed flowers look much nicer, no doubt about that.

simple mothers day cardYou'll need:

  1. Pipe cleaner flower
  2. A4 sheet
  3. All purpose adhesive

Once you've made the pipe cleaner flower, just glue it on the front page of A4 sheet.

Mother's Day Flowers
Step by step and VIDEO instructions for an origami rose and tulip, egg-box daffodil, salt dough sunflower and tulip, pipe cleaner flower and bead tulip.

Mother's Day Crafts
Step by step guidelines for simple salt dough ideas.

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