Mosaic Pattern

mosaic pattern5This mosaic pattern explains you how to make a very simple but really lovely mosaic picture.

I just try to give you an idea with this example that you can make with pebbles.
Use any kind of motifs for this picture. I suggest to make a frame, because it improves the picture a lot.

If you collect little pebbles, then here is the best opportunity to make a use of them! If you don't have any pebbles, you can get them cheap in garden centers.

You will need:

  1. First, draw your motif and frame on the board. If you think that you can cope without the drawing then skip it. (If the motif is more complex, then draw it)

mosaic pattern mosaic pattern mosaic pattern
First glue the line of the frames. Put the pebbles on the glue and push them for a while. When you've finished with the frame, fill the space between the frames with white pebbles.

mosaic pattern mosaic pattern mosaic pattern
Put some black pebbles among the white. It'll make it more colorful. Then make your motif as the frame before. (here it is a flower.)

mosaic pattern mosaic pattern
Fill the blank space between the motif and the frame with black pebbles. Congratulations! You've finished the mosaic picture!


Mosaic ideas with step-by-step guidelines:

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