Mosaic idea
Number plaque

mosaic ideaYou will need:

  1. number plaqueDraw or copy your chosen number onto a piece of paper and cut out. Draw around a plate or use a compass to mark a circle 19cm in diameter centrally on the background board. Place the template in the middle and draw around it. 

  2. number plaqueWearing a face mask and goggles, cut the pale green tesserae with the tile nippers into quarters and stick in place on the number using the PVA. Some special cutting will be necessary to match the design. Leave a space along all the right-hand edges and below the horizontal line at the top.

  3. number plaqueCut some smaller dark green pieces and fit into the spaces around the number to work as the shadow. Don't worry if these aren't  fit perfectly, the grout will unify the design.

  4. number plaqueCut the remaining dark green tessera into strips approximately 4mm wide. You should be able to cut three from each tessera, although it is inevitable they won't all cut evenly.) Stick in place around the marked circle.

  5. number plaqueSet out all the leaf shapes that you have previously cut evenly around the circle in pairs and stick into place as shown.

  6. number plaqueAllow the glue to dry so that pieces are all secure before sticking the background of white ceramic tessera in place. Use tile nippers to cut the pieces into quarters and begin by sticking them around the number in the middle, then work outwards, cutting and shaping the pieces to fit as you go. Fill in the remaining areas and allow the glue to dry thoroughly.

  7. number plaqueMix up the grey grout to a stiff consistency and apply with a palette knife, working the grout well into the gaps. Leave for a few minutes before wiping off the excess with a barely damp sponge.

  8. number plaqueLeave the plaque to dry for an hour, then vigorously polish off any remaining grout with a lint-free cloth. 



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