How to Make Snowflake Pictures Using Simple Paper

make a snowflakeWant to know more about the snowflake craft? Learn how to make snowflake pictures by simply following my detailed step-by-step instructions below!

The first steps:

  1. Choose a snowflake pattern of your taste from my collection
  2. Print it out and cut it out from the same paper
  3. Copy (draw) the pattern on a tracing paper and cut the picture out from there. (In this way, you can use your first pattern later on again and again)

make a snowflakeWhen you have the square pattern, do the following:

  1. Fold the square paper in half so that you'll get a triangle
  2. Fold the triangle in half
  3. Then fold it in half again
  4. Now, fold the small triangle into three equal parts. (Look at the diagram below for more help!)

    TIP: Cut the difficult parts of the picture Look at the helpful diagram!
    Use a small and very sharp scissors, because you have to cut thick layers of paper.
    making a snowflake

  5. making a snowflakeCut off the needless pieces as shown on the diagram. Now, you'll start to make the actual snowflake.
  6. Cut off the grey colored pieces. Do not cut into the white, because that will make up the body of the snowflake.
  7. When you've finished this, carefully fold it out and look at the beautifully sophisticated design which looks like a piece of lace. Isn't it amazing?
  8. To make the finished snowflake flat, put a book or any heavy thing on it and leave it like that for an hour or so.
    Tip: Make sure that the book won't crumple your picture, because it can completely ruin your entirework.
  9. Now, it's your turn to use your creativity to decorate your home with the finished snowflake. :-)
    Hint: a window or even the Christmas tree would look beautiful with snowflakes hanging it
snowflake picture

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