Kid Craft Idea: DOGGIE

This kid craft idea is a really lovely one. It's very similar to the Cute Chickens. Hope you'll like this free paper crafts idea.

What are you waiting for? Let's make it!

You'll need:

paper-crafts-ideas-egg-box-doggie- paper-crafts-ideas-egg-box-doggie-2 doggie
Print and cut out the ear, tongue and tail patterns. Cut out a whole peak from the egg-box. Make round the bottom legs.
kid craft idea kid craft idea kid craft idea
It'll look like above. Wet the the legs and bend them outwards. It should look like on the picture above.
simple paper crafts idea kid craft idea kid craft idea
Cut off half of another peak as shown on the picture. Round the 'edges' as shown. This will be the head of  the doggie. Copy the leg, the ear and the tail patterns on the cover of the egg-box and cut them out. (Use red paper for the tongue.)
paper craft idea kid craft idea kid craft idea
The parts of the body. Pierce the top of the head as shown. Put some glue in the hole.
kid craft idea kid craft idea kid craft idea
Place the tongue into the hole and hold it for a few minutes. Put some glue on the lower part of an ear. Place it on the head as shown and hold it till it dries. Do exactly the same with the other ear.
kid craft idea kid craft idea kid craft idea
Draw eyes and nose for the doggie as shown. Take the tail and bend its lower part to look like above. Glue it on the back of the doggie's body.
kid craft idea kid craft idea
Hold it for a few minutes. Finally, glue the head and the body together.

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