by Nhatha Hoang
(Alameda, CA 94501)

1. Fold the sheet of white felt in half so that you have a 9"x6" rectangle.
2. With a pencil and a ruler, draw a 1/4" in from the edge all the way around the three edges that are doubled over-you don't have to do this on the folded edge.
3. With a straight stitch, sew a seam along your pencil line all the way around to within 3" of the end. Make sure you knot the thread and end your stitching. Leave this final 3" opening-this is where you will pack in the stuffing.
4. Turn the entire rectangle inside out by gently pushing the felt through the opening-all of your stitching will be inside the pillow and not visible. Use the eraser on a pencil to gently push out the corners to create a rectangular shape.
5. Cut out your smaller felt pieces in the shape and letters that you'll use for your iPet screen and controls.
6. Fill your pillow with the stuffing to make it puffy. Finish sewing your seam to secure all the stuffing inside using a straight stitch,but don't worry about the seam being visible.
7. Use craft glue to secure ribbon around the entire perimeter of your iPet-you'll be covering the seams as well as the folded edge.
8. Allow the glue to dry, and then present your pet with its new toy!

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by: Vyvy Mox

Wow ha! I love the ipet.My neighbor's dog,Honey,loves it.She plays with it allllll the time!

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