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Get Kids Crafting with Personalised Christmas Cards

The Festive season is nearly upon us and children everywhere will be getting more excited as each day passes. Many family will also be in the process of sending out Christmas cards so rather than spending money on cards, why not engage in an activity for all the family and create your own free printable Christmas cards.

It really could not be simpler and the activity allows children to stick on their choice of Christmas picture and then colour it in. If they wished to they could also draw their own pictures around it to make it that extra little bit more personal. Another idea is to re-use any old Christmas cards that you may have received in previous years or have spare in the house. Some of the Christmas pictures on cards can be cut out and glued on to the front in an alternative way.

Just click on the image of choice below to enlarge and to get an easy printable format.

The cards can then be given to other family members as a keepsake or simply to stick on the refrigerator and show family and friends what you have been up to.

What you will need for this kids Christmas crafts:

Instructions for printable Christmas Cards:

1. Take the card and carefully fold it down the middle to make a card shape.

2. Choose the pictures you wish to colour in or draw your own picture on the front of the card. If using coloured card, draw your pictures on an A4 piece of paper. When finished, carefully cut them out and glue them on to the front of the card.

3. If you want to add glitter, faintly glue the spare where it is going and then carefully pour on the specific area.

4. On the front of the card write on what message you want the card to state. This could be something like ‘Merry Christmas’.

5. Take another piece of the A4 paper and using the ruler, draw a straight line a few centimetres in from each edge of the paper. Make sure it is the same distance away on each edge.

6. Carefully use the scissors (or ask an adult to do this for you) and cut off the lines you have just marked all the way around the paper so that the paper is smaller than the card.

7. Glue the paper inside the card and write in your message and who it is to.

Happy Christmas to All.



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