Easy Origami Animal for Kids: The SNAKE

The origami snake is such an easy origami animal that really everyone can make it!
I'm going to explain below the easy origami simple steps you must take to make the snake.

Preparation of the easy origami animal: The Origami Snake

Take the square sheet of paper, fold it in two down the center, then cut along the crease. Now, you have a rectangle sheet.

origami snake making origami animal easy origami animal

Start at one corner of the rectangle, and begin to roll the paper into a tube.

Roll diagonally like on the on the photos above and as tightly as you can.

Near the end of the roll, roll the other corner of the paper in towards the main. Make that roll tightly as well.
Then continue with the original roll, in the original direction.

easy origami easy origami the finished origami snake
The point of doing this is that the end of the roll will now stay put, without needing tape or glue. If your tube doesn't stay put use tape or glue. Now take your origami tube, and gently shape it into a series of curves. Viola! Your snake is done. It can sit on any flat surface.

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