Free Easter Decorations

easter craft ideaLooking for free Easter decorations? Great! This craft idea below, the narcissus, is the most beautiful decoration here and I think most of you will probably agree with me.

You'll need:

easter craft project easter craft project easter craft project
Cut 3 peaks out of an egg box and cut off the top of another peak for the calyx. Wet the two peaks for the petals and wait a few minutes. Form the petals with your fingers to look like a flower.

easter craft project easter craft project easter craft projects
Wait until it dries. Paint them with the acrilyc paint. They will become solid after the paint dries. First glue the calyx on a thin, green painted stick. Make sure that the calyx is attached firmly to the stick.

easter craft ideas easter craft project
Then, glue the remaining stuffs together as shown. Finally, glue the flower to the calyx.

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