"Cute Crane"

by Nhatha Hoang

1.Begin with white side up.Fold in half and unfold.Repeat to form crisscross valley fold.Turn over.Fold and unfold twice diagonally.
2.Press down using the creases.
3.Fold in lower edges to meet at the center.
4.Turn over and repeat.Fold down the top corner.
5.Unfold into square.Lift upper flap and fold in sides using the creases just formed to make a diamond.Turn over and repeat.
6.Fold in lower sides to align with the center.
7.Turn over and repeat.
8.Bring up the points and press down the bases.Make inside fold on one point.
8.Pull wings apart for completed crane.

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Cute Crane...Not!!!

It wasn't very cute at all. The instrutions were hard to read and well we weren't told what we needed

What a nice crane
by: Laslo

I love it!

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