Cool Mobiles

by Tayla

What You Need:
1) empty tissue box
2) a photo of someone
3) paper, pencil and eraser
4) markers, pencils or crayons
5) scissors
6) glue
7) hole puncher
8) string or wool


Step 1:
Cut the top off the tissue box. You may need to tape, glue or staple the sides so they stay together.

Step 2:
Scan or upload a photo of someone or yourself, make six copies and print them out. Make sure it is a face only shot.

Step 3:
Cut out the faces and glue them on some pieces of paper. Space it out so you have enough room to draw.

Step 4:
Draw a body around each of the heads so it looks like a person or whatever you drew.

Step 5:
Colour in the bodies and cut them out.

Step 6:
Punch a hole at the top of the head, and inside the tissue box. (You should have one hole at either end, and two holes at the longest end.)

Step 7:
Cut some string and tie one through the holes of the tissue box and the hole in one of the heads. Repeat this until you have done all six people, creatures or things.

There you go!! You have completed the mobile!

TIP: decorate the tissue box first, if you want.

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I love the mobile!
by: Christine

I really love this idea. I have a bunch of nieces and nephews that I might try this with. Do you have a picture of the final project?


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