Basketry Idea - Plantclimber

This basketry idea looks very impressive, but it isn't terribly difficult to make. Use it for training sweet peas, runner beans or other fragile plants. Give this basketry plant climber a try. You will see it is worth while.

You will need (1-1.5m high climber):

  1. basketry ideaOn grass, cut the butt ends of the 12 uprights slanting with the scissor. It will make much easier for you to push them into the ground.

  2. basketry ideaMark 50cm diameter circle on the ground, and push the 12 uprights into the ground with the butt ends like a clock face. Tie the tip ends together and bind them with a piece of string.

    Tip: To mark out the 50cm circle, knock a stake into the ground and then tie a 25cm piece of string to it. Tie a length of cane to the other end of the string and move it round the stake, scoring out the circle on the ground.

  3. basketry ideaTake a weaver, bend it in half and turn it around one of the uprights about 30cm from the ground. Take the butt end of the weaver behind the next upright and bring it back to the front as shown in the picture.

  4. basketry ideaNow take the tip end in front of the second upright, behind the third upright and bring it back to the front. The tension of the weavers will hold them in the right place. It's like simple weaving.

  5. basketry ideaNow join in another weaver and slide its butt end alongside the butt end of the first weaver and work the two of them together in front of the fourth upright, then behind the fifth upright and back to the front as before.

  6. basketry ideaKeep joining in more weavers at every upright until you are weaving with three or more to make a thick band. Weave three times around the structure, parallel to the ground. Then spiral up to the top, going around the uprights about three times.
    Finally, finish it 20cm from the top. Now, you're almost finish.

  7. basketry ideaSo, remove the string from the top of the climber. Take one thin weaver to bind the top. Slide the butt end of the weaver into the center of the upright and hold them together. Turn the tip end 3 or 4 times around the uprights as in the picture. Then slide the tip end up through the bind and pull it tightly.

  8. basketry ideaActually, you're now finished. If there are any splinters of willow sticking out of any part of the structure, cut them off with the scissor. 

    Enjoy your plant climber -- a great basketry idea!


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