Arts and Crafts Idea: JELLY-FISH

This arts and crafts idea is also made from eggbox and is really cool and very simple. It will look especially funny if you make about five of this paper craft project and simply hang them up somewhere.

You'll need:

First, you'll make the head of the jelly-fish.
Cut out a 'cup' from the egg-box.
Cut it as shown.
Next, cut off a peak.
Make the bottom wavy as shown.

simple paper crafts idea
Paint the two part of the body with light blue/purple acrylic paint.
Till it dries, cut some different length thread. When the paint is dry go onto the next step.
Glue 2-3 on each 'side'. Important: Wait until the adhesive dries, otherwise your threads will stick together.
paper craft idea
Using the black marker, draw a face for the jelly-fish.
Finally, glue the head and the body together.


TIP: if you want to hang the jelly-fish somewhere, pierce a hole in its head and simply thread a yarn or string through it.


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