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Marcel's Crafting Magazine Issue 001
April 10, 2007

Welcome to the Very First issue of my Crafting Magazine!

Table of Content:

1. Spring Crafts
2. Patterns and Symbols
3. This month Craft Idea: Pipe Cleaner Ideas
4. Coming soon: Paper Crafts

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1. Spring/Easter Crafts

Spring has arrived together with Easter. The nature has awaked. With my wonderful Easter craft ideas you can bring Spring atmosphere to your home.

Using the new technique of egg-boxes you can make really lovely Spring/Easter decorations. The Cute Chickens are especially suitable for Easter. I hope you like them and I wish you a very happy Easter time.

2. Patterns and Symbols

The Patterns section has almost reached its permanent size (I will add many more new patterns to each category, but there won't be too many other categories, only a few. E.g.: floral patterns, Transylvanian motifs.)

3. This Month Craft Idea: Pipe Cleaner Craft Ideas

This month I'll introduce some very-very simple craft ideas. If you haven't heard of the pipe cleaners before it may sound very strange. They have two great advantages: you'll only need pipe cleaner, and it's really easy to work with. You'll find below step-by-step guidelines to make a moon, stars, flowers and a snail. So let's get started!

Moon and Star

The moon and the star are so simple that I didn't take photos of the preparation. Simply bend the pipe cleaner to look like on the picture. Twist the ends together.


First, you'll make the stem of the flower. Follow the instructions as shown on the pictures.

Next, make the petals.Twist both ends together.

Finally, glue a compressed paper ball in the middle of the flower.

Note: You can make the paper ball yourself with simple soft white tissues or paper.
Don't use too much glue, because the pipe cleaners can easily stick together.


4. Coming Soon: Paper Crafts

Fantastic egg-box ideas are coming! I'm already working in it. The paper crafts section will consists of amazing egg-box ideas (like the Cute Chickens and the Nice Narcissus), some origami animals and the basic origami techniques, and maybe something else as well.

All the best


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