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Marcel's Crafting Magazine Issue 003
June 19, 2007

Welcome to the Third Issue of Marcel's Crafting Magazine!


Table of Content:

  1. Balloon Animal Projects: Rabbit and Frog
  2. The Windowcolor Zodiac Symbol Series: Gemini
  3. Coming Soon: Beading for Everyone E-book


Balloon Animal Projects: Rabbit and Frog

This month I'll show you two simple balloon animal projects: a frog and a rabbit. If you don't have or know where to buy the balloons you can get them on ebay.

A few tips and information about balloon twisting before you begin:

  • There are many types of balloons used to create balloon animals. The most common balloon is called the 260.
  • Do not blow the balloon up entirely, otherwise it can burst.
  • You'll need a pump to inflate the balloon.

Click on the following links below to see the step by step instructions for each balloon animal.

Balloon Frog Balloon Rabbit



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2. The Windowcolor Zodiac Symbol Series: Gemini

This month I painted the Gemini symbol. You can find the pattern and the finished picture below.
Unfortunately, when I left my picture dry the right edge wasn't in a horizontal position and the paint flowed and mixed over there.
Learn from my mistake and always leave your finished picture in an entirely horizontal position to dry!

Click to enlarge!

3. Coming soon: Beading for Everyone E-book

I'm working on an e-book about beading, called Beading for Everyone, which will contain bead animal, flower and jewel patterns, you can't find on my website. It's going to be published at the beginning of July.
I call it Beading for Everyone, because everyone can find something, she will like.
Are you a beginner? Try the simple bead mouse. Is it too simple? Make the crab! Don't like making bead animals? Try the beautiful flowers, for example a tulip! Want to make bead jewels? Try the bracelet or the necklace! As you can see, there're many possibilities.
The salespage will show a preview of all the bead ideas in the ebook.

All the best


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